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As a business owner, you should spend your time doing what you do best – running and growing your business but the numbers do matter.

The financials matter to all the stakeholders but most importantly they matter to you.

You need to know and understand how the business is performing now, not nine months after the financial year-end. If you need to take corrective action or take advantage of an opportunity, you need to have the information needed to make an informed decision now. Are you making a profit? Is the business growing? Are you building value? You need to have this up-to-date information at all times.

Yet working on that is all hard work while you are involved in that day-to-day running of the business, firefighting, closing a new deal and so on. So often the financial management of a business gets pushed onto the ‘I’ll do that tomorrow’ pile … and we all know what happens tomorrow!

And if you are buying or selling a business or raising finance you really need those numbers at your fingertips.

So how to keep on top of it all?

Let us do the heavy lifting. We provide in-depth accounting and financial reporting that puts you in control.

Our experienced and specialist team will work with you to undertake the financial analysis needed to produce financial forecasting, management accounts, reporting and regulatory requirements. Our clients tell us that it is like having an in-house finance department without the cost.

Also, we have access to advanced financial software and tools that allow us to run financial modelling, ‘what if’ scenarios and provide you with bespoke financial reporting so that you can make those informed decisions.

Our team can also bring an objective perspective to the financial situation of a business. Sometimes you can be too close to what is happening. Can you recall times when you have been perhaps too optimistic about a deal, too pessimistic or just not realistic? Good learnings but better if there had been more objectivity and more unbiased and clear insights to support you at the outset.

Of course, the support provided can grow with you as the business grows. If additional support is needed it can be provided straight away. If part of the service is no longer required that can be done as well. No need to hire and fire.

It is important to understand that our Financial Management is not a one-size-fits-all solution. Every business and every business owner is different. We take into account factors like the size and complexity of your business and the level of control you want over financial management. We work with you to build a financial management system that works for you.

So, you can see there are practical and strategic elements in making the decision to outsource financial management.

With the Shareholder Strategies Financial Management service, you will gain expertise, cost-efficiency and scalability without the downsides. It will allow you to focus on the business in the knowledge that the financial tasks are being handled by professionals.

Financial management? Leave it to us.

“working within E-Commerce its massively important to have up-to-date, accurate financial information due to the sectors fast-paced nature and the sheer volume of financial data the activity generates. Since working with Shareholder Strategies I can safely say that I’ve always been up-to-speed with the financial performance of my business. The teams provision of outsourced Finance Director services has proven to be a real strategic advantage for my business whereby they generate comprehensive financial reports on a monthly basis, giving me invaluable insights into the business’s performance. This proactive approach enables us to not only comprehend historical data but also to anticipate and navigate upcoming challenges and opportunities.

Owning a business with a global customer base and numerous overseas subsidiaries comes with a significant accounting and admin requirement, which Shareholder Strategies have integrated into the reporting function. The team also supported Pace through its first two business acquisitions”.

Ed Snelson, Pace Commerce Ltd

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